Commercial reverse osmosis system Ecosoft MO 6500

  • Up to 6 500 l of purified water per day
  • Effective solution for complex water
  • Original attractive design and compactness
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low energy costs


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Get all the benefits of perfect quality water with the Ecosoft MO6500 commercial reverse osmosis system. The most perfect and effective way to remove up to 99.8% of impurities, including bacteria and viruses, as well as smells and tastes. Reverse osmosis is a natural and economical way to produce safe drinking water.

The system is a compact functionally complete module.

What are the features of the model?

  • 100% security
  • Up to 6 500 l of purified water per day
  • Continuous quality control of purified water
  • Compact and fully automated work
  • High-quality components of world manufacturers
  • Significant reduction in vibration and noise generated by the high pressure pump during operation

OS 5000 controller for efficient and independent filter operation

Контроллер ОС 5000 для эффективной и самостоятельной работы фильтра


The OS 5000 controller is designed for automatic or manual control of reverse osmosis plants and provides:


  • turning on and off the unit by level in the storage tank;
  • automatic hydraulic flushing of membranes;
  • system shutdown in emergency situations to protect the pump from dry running, protect the membranes from high pressure, etc .;
  • measurement and display of electrical conductivity and temperature.

System maintenance

For the correct and effective operation of the system it is necessary:

  • Change mechanical cleaning cartridges – at least once every 3 months.
  • Cartridges prevent large impurities (such as sand, clay particles, etc.) from entering the membranes, and delaying their replacement can damage or destroy the membrane.
  • Carry out chemical flushing of the reverse osmosis membrane – at least twice a year.
  • Rinsing should be carried out in cases where the quality of the purified water has deteriorated or a decrease in productivity has been noticed.
  • This procedure is carried out using a chemical washing station and special reagents.
  • Keep a log of maintenance and system performance and water quality.
  • A history of system maintenance and operation will allow for the most efficient and timely replacement of cartridges, chemical flushing of membranes, and other system maintenance activities.

Who is better for whom?

The commercial system of the return osmosis Ecosoft MO 6500 is intended for water purification in

  • country houses
  • cafe
  • restaurants
  • laboratories
  • in industry for small processes
  • for steam boilers and steam generators

Commercial reverse osmosis system

Why Ecosoft ?

– Uninterrupted work

Through the use of high-quality components – membrane elements manufactured by Dow Chemical and Grundfos pumps.

– Fast and convenient service

Service engineers quickly and efficiently carry out system diagnostics or replace replacement parts.