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Ecofilter – water cleaning systems


A clean source of water in your apartment

Company Ecofiltr is Official dealer at least a Platinum Wasser Germany and Ecosoft Water Water Systems' GmbH in Azerbaijan - one of the largest companies for the production of water treatment equipment systems, industrial systems, commercial and household water treatment, as well as the production of household water filters, reverse osmosis systems ( both household and industrial), cartridges for water purification and other components, consumables for water treatment and accessories.

Our company's products are an example of a combination of a strong research base, modern high-quality production, the use of innovative technologies and an effective sales system.


Wasserhaus GmbH

Water purification and water treatment using filtration systems is the most correct, simple and economical solution providing access to clean drinking water of the highest quality. Wasserhaus GmbH has been designing, developing and manufacturing drinking water filters since 1990. A clear understanding of the needs and solution of customer problems related to drinking water has allowed us to become one of the largest distributors of water filters in Germany.

For more than 20 years, we have been solving problems that arise due to poor water quality in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. Thanks to our impressive experience, we know for sure that a high-quality water filter is still an underestimated method to improve our lives. According to our company policy, human health should never be compromised for the sake of economic considerations and the desire to maximize the profits .N Emetsk uncompromising approach to quality has allowed our experienced engineers to introduce high technology and create a water filtration system at least a Platinum Wasser : ULTRA and NEO. Our task is to provide humanity with the most pure and healthy water around the world.

In the Platinum Wasser ULTRA line, we have included low cost costs, but without sacrificing the quality of the treated water. Carefully selected components made especially for us, as well as the use of exclusively new primary raw materials without harmful additives, have allowed us to provide a German high-quality product with the highest quality standards, confirmed by TUV Safety , Hygiene and BPA Free certificates . At Wasserhaus GmbH, we share our experience in the design and invention of water treatment products, high quality and attractive price, which are unparalleled in the whole world.

Platinum Wasser Systems combines the most advanced technologies of water filtration systems that provide people with clean and healthy drinking water in accordance with our experience and knowledge. Unique components manufactured in the EU, advanced technologies, including unique German cartridge production technology, attractive design, strict quality control at all stages of production, internationally recognized certificates - all this makes Platinum Wasser the best high-quality water filter in the world. In addition, the experience of engineers at Wasserhaus Deutschland GmbH allows us to adapt the parameters of Platinum filters to the needs of local markets: from fluoride-rich waters of Texas (USA), water with increased hardness in Valencia (Spain) and ending with turbid water in Vladivostok (Russia).

Wasserhaus GmbH is proud of our engineers who have managed to create the Platinum Wasser series of water filters . Platinum Wasser water filters are an excellent choice for customers who are looking for a high quality product and want to improve their health by solving problems with drinking water.