Mechanical filter Ecosoft 1/2″

  • Pure water for daily household needs in the apartment
  • Clean water in the bathroom, protection of household appliances, plumbing, pipes and the main filter
  • Suitable for families up to 3 people
  • The filter will “say” itself about the need to replace the cartridge


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Attention! The kit includes a polypropylene cartridge!

The main thing about the filter

The mechanical filter Ecosoft 1/2 ″ is designed for the purification of cold water for domestic purposes. It effectively removes sand, silt, rust, scum and other mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns from tap and well water.

Connections to the pipeline are made from form of brass bushings.

Main advantages

  • Plumbing and piping protection
  • Acceptable price with excellent quality
  • Filter housing made of pure primary European plastic
  • Compact and easy to install

Thanks to the transparent case, you can visually determine when you need to replace the cartridge
Who needs a filter?
The filter is installed in apartments with 1 bathroom. Purified water is enough for 3 people.

What changes will happen after buying a filter?
You will enjoy taking a shower or bath in clear water

Nozzles of a shower head will not clog, will please you with a good pressure
Your household appliances and plumbing will last you longer


  • Filter housing
  • Polypropylene cartridge
  • Bracket
  • Service Key
  • Wood screws
  • Passport

Choose a cartridge and we will remind you to replace it!

Фильтр механической очистки воды