Mechanical flask of Ecosoft BB20 1″

  • Pure water for daily household needs in the apartment
  • Clean water in the bathroom, protection of household appliances, plumbing, pipes and the main filter
  • Odorless chlorine and hydrogen sulfide water
  • Suitable for families up to 7 people


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Attention! Cartridges are not included!

The main thing about the filter

The Ecosoft BB20 filter is intended for purification of cold water for household purposes. The impurities that the filter can remove depend on the cartridge installed.

The filter housing is made of high quality polypropylene, which has increased strength.

It is used with cartridges of a standard standard size 4,5 ″ × 20 ″.

With the Ecosoft BB20 filter, you can use the cartridge that will help cope with the pollution that is specific to your water:

  • Cartridge of mechanical cleaning Ecosoft – purification of water from mechanical impurities – sand, silt, rust. Water will be clear.
  • Ecosoft Chlorine Removal Cartridge – purification of water from chlorine, organochlorine compounds. The color and smell of vodi will become better.
  • Ecosoft cartridge for hydrogen sulfide removal – purification of water from hydrogen sulfide. The color and smell of water will get better.
  • Ecosoft cartridge for removing iron – water purification from iron. Cleans the yellowish color of water, red streaks on the plumbing.

Main advantages

  • High efficiency water purification
  • Reliable and quality components
  • High performance
  • Compact and easy to install

Who needs a filter?

The filter is installed in a house or apartment with 2–3 bathrooms. Purified water is enough for 5-7 people. Therefore, you can not worry that clean water will end when guests come to you.

What changes will happen after buying a filter?

  • You will enjoy taking a shower or bath in clear water
  • You will not need to spend a lot of effort on cleaning plumbing
  • Your household appliances and plumbing will last you longer


  • Flask
  • Bracket
  • Service Key
  • Wood screws
  • Passport

Choose a cartridge and we will remind you to replace it!

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