“We are what we eat,” the philosopher said, and indeed, in recent years the question of foodstuffs has arisen especially acutely genetically modified foods, food additives, artificial colors – all this causes our concern, but please answer a simple question, how often did you think about what are we drinking.

What flows from our taps?
Tap water has long since become clean and healthy.

It is impossible to describe with the formula H20 – in our home water from the tap there are a lot of various impurities (salts, and not all of them are useful) The phrase “Do not drink from the tap”, which our mothers love so much, is not accidental 8 of our life Tap water, which we consume initially undergoes a series of cleaning procedures, however, the deplorable state of the domestic housing and communal services has long been obvious. Water enters our apartments through rusty pipes that are not cleaned of sand and growths. Moreover, it is abundantly supplied with chlorine and other chemicals in sewage treatment plants so that carry more contaminants, but we must always remember – chlorine kills not only bacteria, but also we have a result, the. . h it reaches the consumer, that is, to us, it is extremely difficult to be called “the source of life.” P rakticheski all tap water on the planet does not meet the physiological requirements of man.

What to do?
Maybe buy all the time bottled water? But there is a risk to buy a low-quality product. As experts point out, ordinary water cannot have a shelf life of 12 months. In order for it to be stored for so long, preservatives and antibiotics are added to it. Special mention should be made of water made for children. It is no secret that for most parents, children’s health is the main value. Are we ready to pay money for products of dubious quality and to drink children it is not known what? Do not believe? The media talk about this constantly, and there are many articles and videos on the Internet on the quality of drinking water.

The most reliable way to get clean water is filtration. In fact, it’s enough to buy a water filter and you don’t have to worry about its danger to our body. But keep in mind – the filter is different for the filter. Before buying a filtration system, try to consult with a specialist, not with the seller. Do not throw money away.

The German Bluefilters water filters are just based on a system that works on the basis of reverse osmosis. And purification takes place in this way how water is forced to pass through a semipermeable membrane using pressure. The holes in the membrane are so small that only water molecules pass through, trapping all other impurities. That is, at the exit from the membrane we get clean water.

Reverse osmosis has been used since the 1970s to desalinate water in the Navy.

“But what about mineral salts?” They are useful for the body, and the filter perceives them as “dirt” and rejects them. But here everything is not so simple and unambiguous. Water may contain harmful soluble chemical elements in the form of salt. because water is a good solvent.

And besides, the useful minerals in surface waters are “lost” among hundreds of new elements that penetrate in the form of municipal, industrial and domestic wastewater. That is why the benefits of mineral salts are reduced to zero.

How to choose the right filter?
Blufilter filters fully meet the most serious requirements that currently apply to water purification systems, certified by international certification. In their work, German experts used modern scientific knowledge in the field of water purification.

From the whole range of household, semi and industrial filters for water purification, only two types are able to remove invisible, soluble chemicals in it. These are distillation apparatuses and systems known for many years based on the so-called reverse osmosis.

As we have already said, the so-called “Reverse Osmosis System” of the Blufiltr filter removes all harmful mechanical impurities from the water, such as sand, silt. heavy metal salts, viruses and bacteria. All that . h it can be dangerous and harmful to your body, ” Blyufiltr ” reliably removes from the liquid, and vysokoplenochnaya polyamide membrane passes into the storage tank only perfectly clean saline water Water is structured, ie acquires a regular structure. which carries vital energy.

Blufiltrs RO8
It should be noted that the advantage of Blufilter over similar filters is that . although it has several cartridges that stand after the membrane, they trap various gaseous substances and mineralize the water passing through the membrane, and also activate its natural healing properties with the help of a mineral (tourmaline).

Another huge plus “system Blyufiltr ” is . h it will not allow you to drink water contaminated with the cartridge is a patented technology is the German company ” Blyufiltr “. It’s simple: when the cartridge becomes clogged, the valve closes and water no longer flows, and this will significantly extend the life of the membrane. Untreated water will not reach you under any circumstances.

Filters have a wide range to solve problems with a wide variety of contaminants, so they are additionally equipped with an ultraviolet lamp, pump, biostructurer , which you can find out more in our Blufiltr catalog.

A particularly pleasant moment when using the Blufiltr system is the simplicity and convenience of service, the system has free service for the entire duration of the work. Employees’ Blyufiltr “come to you and conduct testing for the presence of salts and compounds in water.

And finally, think: what are we drinking? Is it worth it to drink dirty water or better clean and healthy? And here, as a consumer, of course, you choose to buy an inexpensive filter and wonder at your own health and the health of your family or invest a little more and drink perfect drinking water. I think the answers to these questions are obvious to you.

Call us, and our specialists will not only advise you on most of the existing water purification filters, but also conduct water testing in your home. Contact us, we are always with you.

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