Platinum Wasser EOS Water Softener Systems

  • Pleasant and soft water in each tap
  • Plumbing and tile without white coating
  • Soft skin and healthy hair
  • Low energy costs
  • Solving the problem of low-quality water for a long time
  • Easy maintenance


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The Platinum Wasser EOS Water Softener Systems filter is designed to reduce the hardness of household water. The system consists of two main components – a module (cylinder with a control valve) and a salt tank.

What is hard water?

Precipitation on the heating elements of household appliances, white coating on tiles and plumbing, stains on glass surfaces – all this is hard water.

In addition to the negative impact on the state of household appliances, a high content of stiffness ions has an effect on human health. This problem is inherent both for water from natural sources and for water supplied from the city water supply. The reasons for this may be hard source water, the imperfection of centralized treatment technologies, as well as the use of outdated technologies.

Effective solution to hard water problems

During the filtration process, an ion-exchange reaction occurs, as a result of which the ions of hardness salts are replaced by safe sodium ions, normalizing the level of hardness of water.

The softener filter reduces energy consumption, increases the efficiency of household appliances and reduces the frequency of breakdowns, significantly reducing repair costs.

What are the features of the filter?

  • Economical intake of tableted salt
  • The filter is fully automated, silent
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Reliable and efficient operation of the filter material for at least 5 years (subject to proper operation)


Компактный фильтр умягчения воды Ecosoft FU1018CABCE

Filter options

  • Productivity m3 / h 1.0
  • The volume of water between regenerations is m³ 3.7
  • The average water consumption for regeneration is l <100
  • The average consumption of salt for regeneration is 1.9 kg
  • Connection diameter inch 3/4
  • Dimensions of the cylinder inch 10 x 17
  • Volume of the cylinder l 12.5
  • Dimensions of the softener mm 615 x 325 x 525

Additional functions

  • Access to untreated water during regeneration. Bypass included.
  • Possibility of regulation of hardness of water after the filter by means of the handle.