Reverse Osmosis Filter Ecosoft P’URE AQUACALCIUM

  • Pure and tasty water with calcium
  • Stable mineral composition
  • Safe drinking water even for children
  • 12 liters of pure water per hour
  • Easy installation in 1 hour
  • Reminder about replacing cartridges
  • 36 months warranty



Create water with minerals like nature does

Model Features

100% safe – viruses and bacteria have no chance. The membrane allows only water molecules to pass through.

Water with calciumis tasty and healthy. Calcium is fully absorbed with water.

The optimal and constant amount of minerals in the water is 55–65 mg / l. We looked at how water passes through mineral rocks in nature, and repeated this process in the filter.

Easy installation – your kitchen will remain intact. The filter is located under the sink as compactly as possible due to its stable design, as well as the possibility of vertical and horizontal installation. Your sink will only be complemented by a stylish chrome tap for easy access to drinking water.

Easy replacement of elements – constant access to high quality water. Replaceable filter elements are sold in convenient kits, each family member will cope with their installation. And we are always available – we are happy to answer your questions and take care of you, recalling the replacement of cartridges.


The reverse osmosis filter Ecosoft P’URE AquaCalcium is:

✓ Filmtec membrane (USA) – the leader in the industry of reverse osmosis technologies
✓ 6 stages of purification, including calcium enrichment
✓ up to 280 liters of drinking water per day
✓ storage tank with a useful volume of 7 liters

The filter is installed in the kitchen under the sink. Designed for post-treatment only cold water.


Фильтр обратного осмоса Ecosoft P’URE AquaCalcium

Reverse Osmosis Benefits

Reverse osmosis technology removes 99.8% of contaminants from water. This is the most advanced drinking water treatment available for home use.

The main component of the filter is the reverse osmosis membrane Filmtec from the American company DOW. It purifies water at the molecular level, retaining all kinds of contaminants, even bacteria and viruses.

The reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable polymer fabric. Its pores are 200 times smaller than the size of viruses, so membrane purification guarantees complete biological protection. Water purified in this way does not need to be boiled. It is completely safe for people of any age, even small children.

Enrichment of water with the necessary amount of calcium

According to research by the World Health Organization, calcium is absorbed to the same extent, both from food and from water. Thanks to the AquaCalcium mineralizer , you and your loved ones will receive the required amount of calcium daily.

The benefits of calcium for the body

Calcium is a vital element for a person and the most common trace element in the body. Every day you need to get the required amount of calcium:

children and adolescents – for the correct formation and growth of elements of the musculoskeletal system
adults – to preserve energy and vitality
older people – to reduce the risk of the onset and development of a number of age-related diseases
Calcium water is ideal for people with an active lifestyle and those who, due to their employment, violate their diet.

How does the AquaCalcium mineralizer work ?

AquaCalcium is a replaceable cartridge filled with mineral granules. The design of the mineralizer is thought out in such a way as to ensure the speed of the flow of water that natural mountain sources possess. As a result, the calcium content is always maintained at 55-65 mg / l.

Who is better for whom?

The Ecosoft P’URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis filter will provide a family of up to 5 people with drinking water of ideal quality. Suitable for cleaning tap water, as well as well water after rough filtration, the filter is installed both in the apartment and in the cottage.


Фильтр обратного осмоса

Filtration stages

Tap water first passes through three pre-treatment cartridges. They trap rust, sand, silt, chlorine and its compounds.

Stage 4 – a membrane that purifies water at a molecular level from 99.8% of impurities, including bacteria and viruses.

The purified water after the membrane enters a special AquaCalcium cartridge for the first stage of mineralization. Filter technology mimics the natural speed of water passing through rocks. This increases the contact time of water with the natural mineral of the AquaCalcium cartridge , providing effective mineralization.

Then the water is collected in the storage tank, from which it passes to the second stage of mineralization in the AquaCalcium cartridge . This design allows you to save the necessary and constant calcium content in purified water.

The final stage is a carbon post-filter designed for final water purification. It contains high quality coconut shell activated carbon, which corrects the taste and smell of purified water.